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The heart of any system is the Structured Media Panel.
All telephone, data, audio, and video wiring is installed directly from the wall outlets to this panel.
The wiring is connected to the proper distribution modules to meet the individual needs and/or requirements of the homeowner.
The wall jacks are color-coded to identify their purpose, which could be for each different telephone line, FAX lines, data lines for home networking or internet access.
We also install
"Smart Home"
Lighting and Appliance controls.
Complete Home Automation at an affordable price.
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Q:  So, just what is a Structured Wiring System (or SWS)?
A:  It's a cabling system that allows the homeowner to deliver any service they choose to any room - Internet, telephone lines, fax lines, cable TV, satellite, audio, security cameras, and even in-home "local area networks", or LANs.

Q:  What is it that makes homeowners want these systems?
A:  Homeowners want flexibility, user friendly equipment, and the ability to make quick changes in their homes without a hassle or high renovation costs.  Building or buying a SWS pre-wired home means that as soon as the homeowners move in they are able to answer the phone from any room (or assign any phone line to any outlet), watch cable channels, video tapes or satellite dish from any TV in the house, and instantly make any room into an office.  All these capabilities are available on day one..... without having to call in 3 different service people or involve costly specialized wiring.  Any changes that might be needed at any time in the future can be done at the SWS panel by plugging in a new module, moving a few wires, or changing jumper wires. It's that simple.  Just move in and plug in.

Q:  Can I network all computers in my home and share a single printer and/or scanner?
A:  Yes, the SWS allows you to network computers by adding an ethernet hub to your Media Panel and connecting the correct phone lines to it.  You may, however, need to install an ethernet card and software to any computers that don't already have them.

Q:  How many phone, fax and/or data lines can this SWS handle?
A:  The basic components can handle and distribute up to 4 incoming lines.  If your needs are greater than that, modules can be added to increase that capacity.  The system is just that flexable!

Q:  Can surge protection be added at the panel to protect the entire system?
A:  Yes.  A surge supressor can be added to protect sensitive and expensive electronics that can be damaged by voltage surges.

Q:  Can I distribute music throughout my home?
A:  Yes, there are components available to do that.  You can control the volume of all areas from up to 3 locations, or you can control volume in each room separately.  Of course, additional speaker wiring is required.

Q:  Does Dun-Rite supply and install V/D/V equipment?
A:  No.  We can provide wiring & jacks.  We can also supply speakers in some cases.  We do not sell surround sound receivers/amplifiers, dvd players, or other components.

Q:  What about security cameras?
A:  Both indoor and outdoor cameras are available, and with the use of a "notch filter" and "sequencer", you can monitor any or all cameras from any TV in the home!  It's also possible, with additional equipment and software, to monitor your cameras via internet from any computer.......anywhere!